Self portrait, 1994. My mother used to have this framed on her desk at work (in a corporate accountancy firm).



Mobs lynched Mary Turner on May 17, 1918 in Lowndes County, Georgia because she vowed to have those responsible for killing her husband arrested. Her husband was arrested in connection with the shooting and killing Hampton Smith, a white farmer for whom the couple had worked, and for wounding his wife. Sidney Johnson. a Black man, apparently killed Smith because he was tired of the farmer’s abuse. Unable to find Johnson. the killers lynched eight other Blacks Including Hayes Turner and his wife Mary. The mob hanged Mary by her feet, poured gasoline and oil on her and set fire to her body. One white man sliced her open and Mrs. Turner’s baby tumbled to the ground with a “little cry” and the mob stomped the baby to death and sprayed bullets into Mary Turner. (NAACP: Thirty Years of Lynching in the U.S. 1889-1918 )

Human history is no fairy tale.

White peoples history is no fairytale.
Welcome to Pripyat 1970 by blytec
The Pripyat monument some hundred meters before you enter the city.

Arkhip Kuindzhi, After a Rain c.1879

Ari Vatanen, Tholt-Y-Will, Manx Rally 1983.

Oakley, tell ‘em.

Gibson ES-150
Rosewood, Mahogany, Ebony
Gibson’s original electric spanish  with the famous Charlie Christian pickup, jazzy goodness.  More pics

Neil Young, by Julian Wasser.